At Victoria's School of Harp, we strive to be "everything Harp."  You will find professional harp instruction for people of all ages and interest levels.  You are able to have a harp lesson online via Skype or at our studio. If you don't have a harp, don't worry.  You can buy or rent lap harps and full size harps from us as well.  You are also able to branch out into flute and piano lessons if you like.

Have you ever been at a wedding or other event and enjoyed the soothing sounds of a harpist in the background?  You can bring one our harpists or a group of our harpists to your special events.  We perform at weddings, receptions, fundraising events, formal dinners, Renaissance events, and worship events.  

You can also bring the soothing sounds of the harp into the hospital or your home.  The soothing sounds of the harp can take the edge off of the birthing experience, and provide comfort and peace to those who are struggling with serious health issues or approaching death.

Our Location
Victoria's School of Harp
Victoria's School of Harp
4360 Montebello Drive, Suite 850
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(719) 246-6263
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